In Memory

Over the last 25 years the Sergio Franchi Music Foundation has had loyal support from avid fans and friends assisting the foundation and continuing to honor Sergio's Memory to keep him and his timeless music alive.

 Along the way we have lost a few key supporters, but this has never been more so felt than in the 2018 Concert Year.  For the 2018 Concert year we kept the music silent to honor and respect those whom have supported us with such passion and love.

For 2018 we decided that the silence will be respectfully dedicated to the memory of key foundation members who have recently passed:

Leandro P. Rizzuto - Devoted Family Friend - Sergios and Eva's Dearest Friend - Owner / CEO Conair Corporation - Foundation's Greatest Supporter - 1938 - 2017
Felix Rappaport - CEO Foxwoods Resort and Casino - 1953 - 2018
The Honorable Paul Cravinho - Sergio Franchi Music Foundation Accounting Professional Advisor and Friend - 1940 - 2018
Cathy Cravinho - Sergio Franchi Music Foundation Treasurer - 1945 - 2018
Mr. and Mrs. Mario DeCarlo - Founder of the Stamford Italian Center and loyal friends and supporters of the Sergio Franchi Music Foundation - 1925 - 2018
Elizabeth Simon - Eva's beloved Sister-in-Law - 1944 - 2018
The Honorable Anthony Filosa - Great Friend of Eva and Sergio and Foundation Supporter - 1940 - 2018



Felix Rappaport

A year ago today this community lost a visionary, a leader, an inspiration, and a friend. It is hard to believe that the year has passed so quickly since we said goodbye to Felix Rappaport.

From the moment he came to Mashantucket, Felix forever changed Foxwoods for the better.  He taught us all to think more broadly, to believe in ourselves and to adopt a winning attitude.  We continue to miss his larger-than-life presence.  His booming voice, his unwavering energy, his side-splitting humor and his kindness will forever be remembered by anyone who encountered him.  

The positive impact Felix had on all of our lives, and the Gaming industry at large, was simply unmatched.  His legacy at Mashantucket, Foxwoods Resort Casino, Las Vegas and beyond, continues to thrive. As one of the most celebrated leaders in the Gaming industry, Felix was a shining example of what a team-builder should be.  He delighted in giving recognition and encouragement to all.  Felix pushed everyone out of their comfort zones to experience and handle more than they ever believed they could. He was a builder of iconic resorts, of experiences, of relationships, and of people.  His passion for his craft and his attention to detail is what set him apart from his peers.  For Felix, no idea was too big or too small, and "no" was the least used word in his vast vocabulary.

Despite his remarkable success in life, Felix regarded himself as just a regular guy.  He valued and relied upon his experiences growing up in the city of Philadelphia and how the struggle there was foundational for his many accomplishments in life.

He believed in people, the goodness in them, and that everyone has talent waiting to be unlocked.  In honor of Felix and the life he led, let us all take the gifts that he has given to us, as we continue to pursue excellence, to work beyond our comfort zones, to be compassionate to all others, have faith in our abilities, to take risks and to continue to dream of what is possible.   On this day let the prayers, "from our mouths to God's ears" be heard as we remember the wonderful life and legacy of our Friend Felix Rappaport.

Love is never lost and knowing that the people that love us are up there singing with Sergio makes us find peace and tranquility for the future.