Epcom World Industries

Epcom World Industries provides the greatest products and services in the technology sector for home, home office, business, non-profit, education, and government.  Epcom World Industries is your one stop business technology provider.  At Epcom, everything falls under the Epcom World Industries, Inc. “umbrella / brand”, with all divisions providing unparalleled products and services at unbeatable prices.  The diagram below will help you understand the Corporate Hierarchy of Epcom World Industries, Inc.

*All divisions have a three or four letter group identifier.  **Not all divisions listed above. 

This tight integration allows Epcom to maintain quality, expectations, and experiences that clients and users expect from their mission critical devices and applications.  Epcom promotes high levels of communication and strict cohesiveness between each division, which allows for seamless integration and increased simplicity for all Epcom solutions.  This internal mindset is referred to as “the standard” allowing our employees to know their product and service offerings, within their respective division inside and out.  In many cases IT Firms may outsource mission critical services to 3rd party organizations, many times to organizations operating in foreign countries.  This poses a huge decline in support, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.  Furthermore, it allows for increased risk exposure and security vulnerabilities.  At Epcom World Industries, all support is provided for that nation by industry experts within that nation’s borders.  Epcom does not outsource or offshore any services including any manufacturing services that maybe required for a project.

Some of the services offered by the Epcom World Industries Divisions are: online purchasing website, computer and server consulting, corporate consulting and risk management analysis, network design and implementation, hosting services, creative network solutions, advanced business centric IP telecommunication services, financial gateway and payment integration services, asset management solutions, web and graphic development services, and a certified repair division.  Epcom makes it easier for clients to expand their organizations IT needs with trusted solutions through tight integration, ensuring they are able to leverage the most out of their technology.  Epcom provides a robust portfolio of solutions for small startups to large multinational corporations.

We believe that moving technology forward and understanding the benefits of technology extends the boundaries of all users.  By working to make technology easier to deploy, understand, and operate, Epcom World Industries gives both consumers and businesses the ability to obtain and maximize all technology purchases and services.  “Being Green” to provide environmentally friendly products is a priority at Epcom World Industries.  We work with manufacturers and internal design teams to make efficient, elegant, and environmentally friendly technology products available to all consumers.  Our goals are providing the global community with extraordinary products, great prices, and quality service and support - before and after all sales.  We look forward to serving you with innovative and excellent solutions and hope you consider joining the Epcom World Industries family.

Additional Firm Corporate Documentation:  Epcom World Industries was founded in May 2007.  During the recent financial recession, Epcom grew exponentially and beat the industry benchmarks by hiring, innovating, and supporting all clients’ needs.  Today, Epcom stands as a strong symbol of hard work and ingenuity and in 2012 changed its corporate structure to a Connecticut – S Corp Organization.  Epcom has four offices: our headquarters in Connecticut, our consulting and engineering hub, right in New York City, our government compliance facility in Washington DC, and our European office in London, United Kingdom.

Epcom World Industries, Inc. is a private organization and has not received nor has asked for public, private / venture capital funding or support.  Epcom maintains strict internal financial procedures to hold true to our mission of quality, innovation, and value.